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Meet the Team


John Purdy

John is originally from the waste industry, where he worked for a large multi-national company for many years.  He came into the recycling market in 1996.  His knowledge  of recycling on both plastics and paper is vast and he is  an expert on most materials.  Other material knowledge includes waste to landfill and composting.  He is happy to visit sites to give customers the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.







Jenifer Purdy

Jenifer was in a managerial roll prior to joining John in business in 1996. She provides a support roll mainly on the accounting and administration side of the business but  has a keen interest in the environmental issues of waste recycling.  Her knowledge in the manufacturing industry  has brought  a lot to her work in the recycling industry.







Anne Pass

 Anne is our administration officer, handling incoming information and dealing with queries.  She has been in Customer Service roles for many years and takes great pride in handling queries quickly and efficiently.